Calendar 2021


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Each year by the end of October a new annual nature calendar is released made by Ines Goovaerts Photography.
Twelve different high quality prints for you to enjoy year round.
Depending on where Ines has been shooting the year before, she will determine the subject of that year’s edition.

Out now: Nature Calendar 2021
“Just around the corner”


As for most part of 2020 we were bound to discover our own continent, each month of this year’s calendar portrays a gem close to home.

May this calendar not just be a regular calendar, yet some sort of travel guide directing you to the places and wildlife nature photographer Ines Goovaerts was fortunate to experience as well as photograph in 2020.

All being within driving distance, she’s hoping to show you the way to these magnifiscent places ‘just around the corner’.

To those not living on European grounds, let this calendar inspire you, that once intercontinental travel is allowed again, you can roam to these gems and discover them for yourself.

Until then, these images will help you keeping your hopes up high and your soul uplifted.


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