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Ines Goovaerts Photography

Framing stories beyond borders

International award winning

nature photographer from Belgium.


In 2014 Ines graduated with a master's degree in Communication Sciences. Yet soon she noticed working indoors wasn't what she was destined for. The quote "The biggest risk in life, is not taking one at all" made her take the leap to give up her secure existence and take the road less traveled.

In stead of living the settled life she chose to dedicate her life to what she was truly passionate about:

Travel, the outdoors and photography.

Over the years Ines gained experience in the field as a photographer working for companies in Australia and Canada who believed in her skills and talent. Soon her work started to become internationally noticed. Motivated by newspapers and magazines publishing her work, she persued her dream to establish "Ines Goovaerts Photography", proudly calling herself one of the happy few turning what initially started as a hobby into her profession. On top she recently got awarded third place "Underwater Photographer of the Year 2020" category "Up & Coming". A recognition confirming her work is valued by other professionals in the photography industry.

Her goal is to:

  • inspire others to explore the beautiful and mesmerizing world we live in.
  • spread awareness how fragile Mother Nature and her inhabitants are.
  • express the urge to protect what we love!


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