The Ultimate South Thailand guide

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Your itinerary towards Thailand’s finest coastal and island destinations.

A 2, 3 or 4 weeks travel brochure for ocean, beach and wildlife lovers, adjustable to your wishes.



What’s up guys, we’ve arrived back home from our mesmerising Thailand travels. What a spectacular rollercoaster that was! We had some expectations about this country, but boy, oh boy, did Thailand exceed all of them. Beauty after beauty after beauty. And very fast it became clear in my instagram DM’s, we were not the only ones getting stunned by the fascinating nature and culture Thailand had to offer.

So we started playing with this idea: What if we could share our experiences with others? What if we could let you feel and see what we felt and saw? What if we could save you precious time on researching every single step finding the perfect accomodation, creating the perfect itinerary that took us weeks to create? What if we could pass on that expertise we’ve gained and the Thai relationships we’ve built by just one click?

And that’s when we decided to built for you:

The Ultimate South Thai(s)land guide


  • the names & locations of the unique and mid-range-budget; boho-style accomodations we’ve stayed at
  • the must see & do highlights for each and every location (as well as hidden gems, secluded beaches and wildlife hotspots)
  • the transfers to book to get from A to B
  • the recommended amount of time to spent on each place
  • tips & tricks on how to save money and get the best rates for booking
  • the best time to travel to this destination
  • packing tips and tricks to get you ready for your Thailand adventures

It would be our absolute pleasure to help you get there and turn that dream into reality!